How to Start a Hydroponic Garden with HOME HYPONICA

 Step A: Germinate Seeds 


Note: Germination process may be different for certain types of seeds. We recommend following the instructions in your seed pack.

  1. Soak sponges (included in box) in clean tap water until completely saturated with water
  2. Insert 1-2 seeds into the slot of each sponge
  3. Place sponges with seeds onto a plastic tray or container
  4. Add water in the plastic tray or container (water level should cover a third to half of the sponge)
  5. Cover with a piece of dark coloured cloth and place in a cool dark place until the seeds are germinated.

*Tip: Make sure that the seeds are not exposed to light.

  1. Time required vary depending on the type and quality of seeds used.

Step B: Selection

  1. From the germinated seeds, select the strongest and healthiest looking seedlings.
  2. If you have placed more than 1 seed in 1 sponge, remove any seed that has failed to germinate. If more than 1 seed has germinated in 1 sponge, pull out the weaker looking one(s). Each sponge should have no more than 1 seedling.

Step C: Planting


  1. Assemble your HOME HYPONICA hydroponic kit as directed in the instructions manual
  2. Fill HOME HYPONICA hydroponic kit with clean tap water

*Tip: Take note of amount of water added. You will need this for step (3).

  1. Add HOME HYPONICA Liquid Fertiliser Solution A and Solution B (see instructions on bottle on the amount of fertiliser to add)

*Tip: For example, for every litre of water in the hydroponic kit, add X ml of Solution A and X ml of Solution B (see instructions on bottle)

  1. Insert 1 sponge with seedling into each hole in the styrofoam tray or the black holder (if using TOMATO)

*Tip: Make sure the sponges are in contact with the water  

  1. Place the hydroponic kit in a sunny spot.
  2. Connect the hydroponic kit to electricity and make sure that the pump is on. Water should be circulating from the reservoir below up to the grow tray above.

*Tip: Check that there is enough water in the HOME HYPONICA hydroponic kit. If you are using SARAH, KAREN, or TOMATO, make sure that the water level indicator is in the blue zone.

Step D: Growing  


Pictures (clockwise from top left): Cucumber, Kale, Cherry Tomato, Rocket and Mixed Salad Greens, Honeydew Melon. 

  1. Wait
  2. Top up with water and HOME HYPONICA Liquid Fertiliser Solution A and Solution B when the water level is low

*Tip: If you are using SARAH, KAREN, or TOMATO, make sure that the water level indicator is in the blue zone at all times.

  1. Wait
  2. Repeat Step 2
  3. Wait
  4. Repeat Step 2
  5. … you get the idea…

*Note: Some flowering fruit plants require pollination. If you are growing your plants indoors or in a greenhouse, you may need to pollinate the flowers manually. Use a cotton bud to gently swap the anther of a male flower and then swap the stigma of a female flower.

Step E: Harvest and Enjoy!  


  • Jolyn on

    Thanks Mizu Garden for patiently helping me through the set up process of my first hydroponic garden! Excited for my very first harvest!

  • CK on

    does the fertiliser come with the pack? how many plants can I grow with the fertiliser provided in the pack?

  • Xue Fen on

    Very detailed steps to guide us! Can’t wait to try out the kit that just arrived and make some home grown salad :D

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