Karen, Hydroponic Grow Kit (Nutrient Liquid not included)
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Karen, Hydroponic Grow Kit (Nutrient Liquid not included)

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If you’re looking to start a new hobby or simply want to develop your green thumb, this compact hydroponic kit is the perfect equipment for you! Low cost and versatile, this hydroponic kit allows you to grow up to 15 vegetables at any one time.

This hydroponic kit comes with an awesome starter kit to get you pumped up about gardening!



Name: Karen

Colours: Yellow or Blue 

Size: 58.8 cm (W) x 24 cm (D) x 29.6 cm (H)

Capacity: 12 litres

Weight: 3kg

Material: Polypropylene

Power consumption: 50/60 Hz, 6.0 W


Package Includes:

Package contains everything needed to start your own hydroponic garden, including the following:

  • Hyponica Liquid Nutrient A + B (2 x 500ml)
  • Styrofoam Tray for Vegetables (15 holes)
  • Sponges



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