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Hydroponic gardening is a simple, modern method used to create a successful garden almost anywhere. When compared to traditional soil based gardens, hydroponic gardens are better for the environment, easier to maintain and can produce healthy and pesticide-free fresh fruits and vegetables any time of year and in any location. 

Why should you trust Mizu Gardens for your hydroponic gardening needs? We source the highest quality products from leading Japanese manufacturer, Kyowa.  Kyowa has 50 years of proven success in the high-tech hydroponic farming industry. Kyowa's Home Hyponica series incorporates state of the art hydroponic technology in a compact household size hydroponic kit. No frills and easy to use, each hydroponic kit is designed specially for home owners who are new to hydroponic gardening.

The energy consumption of the hydroponic kits are very low (and translates to about an additional S$0.90 to your monthly bill). Good for your wallet. Good for polar bears too. 

Home Hyponica hydroponic kits are best used with Home Hyponica Liquid Fertiliser. Home Hyponica Liquid Fertiliser is a certified food-grade fertiliser. Manufactured in Japan, this liquid fertiliser is 100% safe and nutritious. 

You can now easily get your vegetables from your hydroponic garden right at home!