HOME HYPONICA Liquid Fertiliser A + B
HOME HYPONICA Liquid Fertiliser A + B
HOME HYPONICA Liquid Fertiliser A + B

HOME HYPONICA Liquid Fertiliser A + B

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With over 50 years of proven success, Home Hyponica Liquid Fertiliser is the perfect fertiliser for both hydroponic as well as soil based gardening. Specially formulated to contain the nutrients necessary to improve your plants’ nutritional value as well as to speed up their growth, this fertiliser will guarantee faster and greater yield. 

Hyponica Liquid Fertiliser is a certified food-grade fertiliser and is suitable for edible plants. 

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Place of manufacture: Japan

500ml Set Includes:

  • Solution A x 500ml 
  • Solution B x 500ml

1 L Set Includes:

  • Solution A x 1 L
  • Solution B x 1 L

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Tips for using Home Hyponica Liquid Fertiliser A + B:

  • Dilute the solutions A and B in the following proportions: 1 ml solution A + 1 ml solution B + 500 ml clean water
  • Pour solution A into the water first, followed by solution B. DO NOT mix undiluted solution A and solution B together directly as the mixture will crystalise.
  • If you are growing plants hydroponically, top up your cultivation kit with the mixture whenever the water level runs low. If you are growing plants using soil, simply water yours plants with the mixture.
  • Diluted fertiliser can last about 2 weeks so avoid premixing the solutions!